In 2021, the Australian Board in General Surgery will be rolling out the General Surgery Education and Training (GSET) program. The overall objective of the GSET Training program is to ensure that the graduating General Surgery trainee has the competencies and skills required to undertake core General Surgery procedures, be able to participate independently in an acute on call General Surgical roster and be competent across the RACS Core Competencies. To read a precis on the development of the program please click here.

GSET is a five (5) year training program structured into two stages – Core and Principal.

  Core Training     GSET Levels 1 – 3 and focuses on the foundation skills relating to General Surgery
  Principal Training     GSET Levels 4 – 5 where the trainees’ involvement and clinical complexity is increasing

A diagrammatic representation of the program is depicted below:


  • EPAs - Entrustable Professional Activities
  • PBAs - Procedure Based Activities

All trainees who are selected in 2020 to commence training in 2021, as well as trainees who are currently on deferral and due to commence training in 2021, will be under the new GSET program and will be required to adhere to the Training Regulations that govern the GSET Program.