Regulations & Forms

SET Program in General Surgery Regulations

The Australian Board in General Surgery is responsible for managing the General Surgery Training Program in Australia including determining program requirements, trainee management, regulations, selection and hospital inspections.

To access the current General Surgery SET Regulations click here.

In Training Assessment Form

Click here to download the In Training Assessment Form for Surgical Education & Training in General Surgery.

All Trainees must submit their forms using the Trainee Management System (TMS).

A colour coded sample, highlighting what trainees must complete is located here.

Research Progress Report

For trainees who are on interruption for Research, a Progress Report must be submitted at the end of term.  Click here to download the Research Progress Form for Surgical Education & Training in General Surgery.  The form is to be uploaded on TMS at the end of each term.     


The Australian Board in General Surgery has mandated that all trainees must submit their logbook via the RACS MALT system. The system is available by logging into the RACS website. At the End of Term, trainees must submit the Summary Report through TMS.

The RACS MALT Department has issued guidelines for Supervisors and Trainees. If you are experiencing technical issues with MALT please contact the MALT Helpdesk via email

Further information on MALT can be downloaded by clicking here.

The guideline for completing the Logbook can be downloaded here.

The Australian Board in General Surgery logbook has changed commencing Term 1 – 2018 to utilise SNOMED terms.  SNOMED has over 15,000 terms and the Board has undertaken two reviews to ensure that terms are captured correctly.  The outcome of the reviews can be found by clicking here. The review outlines the term that has been reviewed, the issue identified and the outcome determined by the Board.

Mini-CEX and DOPS

The following Assessment Forms for Surgical Education & Training in General Surgery can be downloaded by clicking on the applicable form name below.

Fellowship Examination Preparation

Candidates presenting for the Fellowship Examination are expected to develop an exam preparation or study plan that covers the General Surgery syllabus. The plan should include activities that allow candidates to become familiar with the exam format. Activities should assist candidates develop effective techniques in responding to questions in the exam setting.

To download the Fellowship Examination Preparation form, please click here.

The Australian Board in General Surgery has published a Guide on preparing for the Fellowship Examination. The Guide provides advice on the following areas:

  • Structure and marking of the Examination
  • Tips on preparing for the Written Exam
  • Tips on preparing for the Vivas

The Guide can be downloaded here.