SET Curriculum

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General Surgery is, by necessity, a surgical discipline that covers a large number of surgical conditions. The curriculum should be taken as a guide as to what the Trainee is expected to cover. The Trainee should not necessarily be limited to the areas and conditions listed. The list is not meant to be prescriptive and all encompassing, but is meant to provide an indication of the breadth of knowledge required. No specific texts are prescribed; Trainees should read widely and material should include contemporaneous journal articles.

Subject Outlines

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Operative Management - Knows

  • Trainees are required to be familiar with the indications, benefits and limitations of the procedure; trainees should be able to describe the relevant operative techniques involved in performing the procedure; trainees are encouraged to at least observe and preferably assist in these procedures.

Operative Management - Does

  • In addition to the above, trainees must be competent at performing the procedure.

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