Abstract Submission

Abstract submissions have now closed for the GSA 2019 South Australian Training Committee Registrar's Paper Day to be held fon Saturday 31 August 2019 at Adelaide Pavilion, Veale Gardens, South Terrace.

Guidelines for Abstracts

• Scientific papers must have relevance to the broad discipline of general surgery and its related subspecialties
(colorectal, hepatobiliary, upper gastrointestinal, breast/endocrine, rural surgery, trauma, transplantation, surgical oncology).
• The abstract must not exceed 200 words.
• All abstracts must be typed, single spaced with a clear typeface.
• Titles should be in capitals and underlined, and placed at the top of the abstract.
• All authors names should be included and typed in capitals, with the name of the presenter indicated by an asterisk (*).
Degrees and positions in departments should not be included, but the origin of the work should be stated.
• All abstracts should include the institution(s) where the research activity was conducted.
• The abstract should be organised as follows:
(a) Purpose of study
(b) Brief statement of methods
(c) Summary of the results adequate to support conclusions
(d) Conclusions
• The abstract must be clear and brief. Statements should, in general, be impersonal and the first person “I” and “We” avoided.
• Case reports will not be accepted.
• The abstracts will be presented at the meeting as a PowerPoint presentation.
• Presentations should be no longer than 7 minutes followed by 3 minutes allocated for questions.

Key Dates

  • 21 June 2019 Closing date for abstracts
  • 8 July 2019 Notification of acceptance
  • 28 August 2019 Presentation sent to the GSA South Australian office via email

Submission Details

• Abstracts to be submitted online via the GSA website.
• Presenter’s details should be listed as follows:
– First and last name
– Postal address
– Contact telephone number (work and mobile)
– Hospital
– Position
– Email address
– Member type (Fellow, SET, Other)
• Final presentations will need to be submitted to the GSA South Australian office by 28 August 2019.
• PC projection (Microsoft PowerPoint) will be available - no individual laptops will be permitted on the day.
• If you have video clips inserted into your presentation, please ensure that you supply the video file as well as the PowerPoint file,
as movies are not embedded within the PowerPoint file.


Please contact Karen Clark for all enquiries regarding abstract submission and registration to the event:
E karen.clark@generalsurgeons.com.au
T +61 8 8274 3791

Abstract Submission Deadline

21 June 2019