Become a MOSES Instructor!

Posted: 7th of December, 2023

We are looking for keen enthusiastic MOSES INSTRUCTORS to help shape your future Specialist General Surgeon!...

Exploring Operating Room Staff Experience

Posted: 3rd of December, 2023

Design of Operating Room (OR) Spaces in Australia...

2023 Peter Mac Surgical Oncology Lecture Series

Posted: 12th of September, 2023

The Peter Mac Surgical Oncology lectures and recordings are for all Surgical trainees...

Sentinel Node Biopsy

Posted: 3rd of August, 2023

From Guidelines to Practice...

2022 Annual Report

Posted: 5th of April, 2023

The 2022 GSA Annual Report is now available to download....

Call for Reviewers

Posted: 9th of December, 2022

GSA is establishing a database for members who would be interested in reviewing journal articles submitted to the ANZ Journal of Surgery, for the General and Rural Surgery sections....