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Simplify Your Private Assisting using the new OpAlert App for Surgeons

Posted: 16th of August, 2017

Developed by Surgeons, for Surgeons

OpAlert, which is free to download, was developed in conjunction with Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Surgical Assistants and Personal Assistants. We wanted to create the most efficient way for a surgeon to find and secure a team. What developed was simply…revolutionary. OpAlert is Australia’s answer to efficient admin, and has been refined over the last 12 months to create our final product. 

You can choose who your favourite Anaesthetists and Surgical Assistants are

Choose from a list of preferences based on your assistants level of experience, and add them to your Gold or Silver lists. You can even look up your favourite individuals (assistants or anaesthetists) and have them in your Gold or Silver groups. Without making a single phone call, you could have your list filled with an anaesthetist or assistant of your choice within seconds.

OpAlert will keep your PA up to date

OpAlert keeps everyone notified. You will receive a notification, the second someone confirms their availability to do your case. You and/or your PA/Secretary will receive an email notification (depending on email address preferences).

Easily change the details of your case

Surgeons can open their active cases, and change the details if they have a different start time, or number of cases. OpAlert will re-notify all users and ensure that everyone is updated along the way. 

Find Out More

To find out more download a copy of the OpAlert brocuhure, or visit