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Upcoming Medicare Benefits Schedule Item Changes

Posted: 11th of October, 2017

The following is a list of the MBS changes to commence on 1 November 2017, subject to the passage of legislation:

  • Increasing the MBS rebate for selected procedures performed by general practitioners (GPs)
  • Removal of an administrative block to allow patients to claim MBS rebates for consultations with GPs during the ‘aftercare’ period
  • Blocking claiming of MBS subsequent attendance items 105, 116, 119, 386, 2806, 2814, 3010, 3014, 6019, 6052, and 16404 with any item in group T8 (surgical operations) that has an MBS fee of $300 or more
  • Changes to gastroenterology services
  • Changes to obstetric services
  • Changes to ear, nose and throat MBS items 41674, 41789, 41793 and 41801
  • Changes to MBS items for bone densitometry
  • Changes to MBS items for spinal x-ray services.

 The following change is to commence on 1 March 2018, subject to the passage of legislation:

  • Changes to colonoscopy services.

For further information on these changes please visit MBSOnline.