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ASE Recognition Awards & ASE Surgical Education Research Scholarship 2018

Posted: 24th of April, 2018

On behalf of the Academy of Surgical Educators (ASE), we would like to inform you of:

  1. The opening for the ASE Recognition Awards 2018 nominations. Kindly send in your nominations for the Educator of Merit categories ‘Supervisor/ Clinical Assessor of the Year – by Region’ and ‘Professional Development Facilitator/ Instructor of the Year’. The awards will be presented at the Academy Forum in November 2018, in Sydney. For more information on the awards, please visit the ASE Recognition Awards page. Nominations close on Friday 27 April 2018.

 Please email your nomination(s) to In your email, kindly also include:

  • Name of the nominee and the category which you are nominating him/ her for
  • Let us know why you are nominating him/ her
  • Your name, email address as the nominator
  • Name and email address of the seconder so we might contact them for verification
  1. Application for the ASE Surgical Education Research Scholarship is now open until Thursday 26 Apr 2018. This $10,000 scholarship is open to RACS Fellows, SET Trainees, SET applicants and IMGs. For more information on this scholarship and how to apply, please visit the ASE Surgical Education Research Scholarship page.