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New and amended Medicare Benefits Schedule listings

Posted: 14th of May, 2018

Several changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) will take effect on 1 July 2018 and 1 November 2018. The listings are part of measures in the 2018-19 Budget, and the majority of changes noted below were recommended by the expert, independent Medical Services Advisory Committee.

1 July 2018

  • a new service for testing for hereditary mutations in the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Regulator gene.
  • a new service for multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) prostate diagnostic scans for both the diagnosis of prostate cancer and the active surveillance of patients with a proven diagnosis.

1 November 2018

  • new services for percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for the treatment of idiopathic overactive bladder.
  • a new service for the processing and cryopreservation of semen to preserve fertility in post-pubertal males undergoing gonadotoxic treatment.
  • a new service for micro-bypass stenting for open-angle glaucoma, in conjunction with cataract surgery.
  • amendment to pathology item 73805 for urine microscopy to prohibit catalase and dipstick testing.
  • the dissolution of the Medicare Claims Review Panel (MCRP) and subsequent amendments to associated MBS items, including amendment to 33 potentially cosmetic plastic surgery items to ensure consistency with the MCRP item changes and to align with appropriate clinical practice. 
  • amendment to the service fee for electron microscopy testing.

Factsheets on Guaranteeing Medicare measures are available here:

In addition to the changes listed above, this link contains information on other key Medicare measures, including those relating to the Government’s response to the MBS Review Taskforce recommendations.

The Department of Health will provide stakeholders further detail about the MBS changes, including item descriptors and fees, closer to their listing dates.  For any enquiries about the listings, please contact the Department of Health at