Consensus Exercise Invitation

Posted: 5th of November, 2020

Melanoma Clinical Outcomes Registry (MelCOR)

Members of General Surgeons Australia, due to their expertise in the diagnosis and management of melanoma, are invited by the Melanoma Clinical Outcomes Registry (MelCOR) to participate in a group consensus (Delphi) exercise run by the MelCOR project to validate a set of key Clinical Quality Indicators for a planned melanoma clinical registry.

What is MelCOR?

The objective of MelCOR is to collect population wide, clinical-level data for the early stages of melanoma treatment. It is funded by public fundraising efforts organised by the Melanoma Institute Australia ( and is currently operated by the Cancer Research Program at Monash University (

What is a Clinical Registry? What are Clinical Quality Indicators?

A Clinical Registry aims to capture specific information relating to clinical management of patients (from diagnosis to treatment) from the entire population. The data collected is then analysed to detect systemic variations in care and to identify processes that require further exploration.

A Clinical Quality Indicator is a specific data field within a clinical registry that has been determined by expert consensus to reflect compliance with best practice. Once a large enough population coverage is reached, Clinical Registries are able to provide risk-adjusted benchmarked data to stakeholders to understand the extent and potential impact of variation in diagnostic or management processes.

What will participation in the MelCOR Delphi process involve?

The methodology will be based on the Delphi Consensus method, developed by Project RAND (

At a minimum, participants will be expected to complete two detailed questionnaires with their expert opinions relating to a range of potential indicators for melanoma, followed by a teleconference for a round table discussion of any indicators in the situation where a consensus is not achieved.

How to participate?

For more information, or to register your participation, please contact the MelCOR team at: Please note, that if you do agree to participate, we ask that you do so for the full duration of the process.

The consensus method is intended to be inclusive of as many views on the diagnosis and management of melanoma as possible, including expert consumers. If you know of anyone who has significant expertise in Melanoma care who may be interested in participating, please ask them to contact the MelCOR team at: