Notification of publication: Clinical practice guidelines for surveillance colonoscopy

Posted: 26th of March, 2019

This is a notification to announce the publication of Clinical practice guidelines for surveillance colonoscopy. These clinical practice guidelines are a revision and update of the 2011 guidelines....

Research Project:

Posted: 14th of March, 2019

Neck/shoulder problems and visual disturbances among surgeons...

2019 GSA ASM in conjunction with the 2019 Spring Colorectal Meeting

Posted: 27th of February, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 GSA ASM will be held in conjunction with CSSANZ and the Colon and Rectal Surgery Section - RACS, and will be held in Hobart from 24-27 October, 2019....

2019-2021 Strategic Plan

Posted: 7th of January, 2019

is now available...