Auckland City Hospital

Location: Park Road, Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland City Hospital (ACH) is a tertiary referral teaching hospital in central Auckland. It is the largest public hospital in New Zealand. Auckland City Hospital is committed to excellence in patient care, research, training and community service.

There are five liver transplant surgeons - four with HPB background and one transplant surgeon. There are five kidney transplant surgeons - one vascular surgeon and four General Surgeons. Pancreas transplants are performed by four of the five kidney transplant surgeons. Other members of the team are the surgical transplant fellow, renal transplant registrar, liver transplant registrar and liver transplant clinical nurse specialist and the liver house surgeon

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Mr Carl Muthu FRACS
T: +64 9 367 0000

Transplant Post:

1 x Renal post

Organ Details:

Living and Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants (including paediatric transplants, ABO incompatible transplants, kidney exchange transplants, dual kidney transplants, liver kidney transplants and heart kidney transplants) and Pancreas transplants (Simultaneous Kidney Pancreas transplants and Pancreas alone transplants.

Transplant and donor numbers per year:

The graphs below provide evidence that there is adequate operative volume in renal transplant and deceased donor organ procurement surgery.

Opportunities on the Unit:

The trainee will receive excellent operative training in renal transplant and deceased donor organ procurement surgery. The trainee has no other trainees competing to assist/perform these operations. The trainee has no other general surgery, vascular, or urology on call commitments to interfere with this training. However unless the trainee is on annual leave they are expected to be available to participate in transplant surgery, including weekends. The philosophy of our unit with regards to our fellow is that deceased donor transplant activity takes priority over all other activities. About 40% of our kidney transplants are live donor transplants so the trainee gets good exposure to this including full participation in the laparoscopic donor nephrectomies as these operations are performed by surgeons in the unit not outside surgeons such as visiting urologists. They also get to participate in liver transplantation (including paediatrics), renal access (tenckhoff catheter insertions and removals),hepato-biliary operations and some general surgical operations in transplant patients (e.g. Hernia repairs etc.).