Austin Health - Renal

Location: 145 Studley Road, Heidelberg, Victoria

The Austin Hospital is located in Heidelberg, 20 minutes north-east of Melbourne's city centre. Austin Health is one of Melbourne’s leading specialist tertiary and quaternary health services. 

The Austin Health Department of Nephrology provides a comprehensive Kidney (Renal) Transplantation Service. This includes evaluation of kidney transplant recipient and donor candidates, living and deceased donor transplantation and long-term follow-up care for donors and recipients.

The unit is proud to have been recognised as an Australian Kidney Exchange (AKX) transplanting centre. ABO blood group incompatible transplantation, transplantation of sensitised recipients (higher immunological risk transplantation), and transplantation from increased viral risk donors are also performed by the service.

Austin Health performs approximately 70 kidney transplant procedures per year and conducts approximately 3,200 outpatient transplant reviews per year.

The Kidney Transplantation Service has a close working relationship with the Victorian Liver and Intestinal Transplant Unit. Via this and other collaborations, we provide shared care to individuals who receive kidney transplants in addition to other organs such as liver, bowel, stomach and pancreas transplants.

A/Prof Bulang He
E: [email protected]

Transplant Post
1 x Renal Post

Transplant and donor numbers per year:
70 Renal Transplants per year (including 20 live donor transplant)

Organ Details

Opportunities on the Unit
This is a newly accredited Transplant post at Austin Health for 2019.  This new fellowship position will provide further training in all components of renal transplant surgery.  Austin Health has completed renal transplantation since 1974, and over 1000 transplants have now been performed.  We currently perform approximately 70 renal transplants per year, including 20 live donor transplants.

The Renal Transplant Programme at Austin Health is highly collaborative with surgical input and expertise drawn from general surgery, vascular surgery and urology units.

The unit has had a keen involvement with the Australian Kidney Exchange since its origins in 2010.  Austin Health also plays a highly active role in the retrieval of deceased donor kidneys, owing to the State-wide Liver Transplant Service being located at Austin Health.