PFET Program in Trauma Surgery


The GSA Trauma Training Committee is responsible for the delivery of the PFET Program in Trauma Surgery in Australia, the accreditation of hospital posts, and the supervision and assessment of Post Fellowship Trainees.

The GSA Trauma Training Committee works in collaboration with the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Surgery of Trauma (ANZAST) and its Executive.

The PFET Program in Trauma Surgery is governed by GSA’s policies and procedures of Post Fellowship Education and Training.

Trauma is and will be carried out by General Surgeons across Australia. It is hoped that this defined program will facilitate the training of sub-specialised trauma surgeons.

GSA Trauma Training Committee

The GSA Trauma Training Committee is the overseer of the PFET Program in Trauma Surgery, and reports directly to the GSA Board of Directors. Members of the Trauma Training Committee are required to be members of ANZAST but are not required to be a member of GSA.

Below is a list of the current Training Committee Members.


Mr Dieter Weber, FRACS - General Surgery, Australia

Deputy Chair

Mr Zsolt Balogh, FRACS - Orthopaedic Surgery, Australia


Mr Joe Dawson, FRACS - General & Vascular Surgery, Australia


Dr Kate Martin, FRACS - General Surgery, Australia

Committee Members

Mr Ian Civil, FRACS - General & Vascular Surgery, New Zealand
Mr Ian Young, FRACS - Orthopaedic & Military Surgery, Australia
Mr Martin Wullschleger, FRACS - General Surgery, Australia
Mr Jeremy Hsu, FRACS - General Surgery, Australia
Mr Ash Taneja, FRACS - General Surgery, New Zealand

2024 Training Fee

The GSA Board of Directors has approved the Training Fee of $2,500 (inc GST) for the 2024 PFET Program in Trauma Surgery. A 10% Administration Fee is payable for Trainees not in Clinical Training.

For all Trauma Training Program queries, please contact:

Elizabeth Pedersen
Executive Officer - PFET
General Surgeons Australia
Suite 29, 213 Greenhill Road
P +61 8 8274 3791
F +61 8 8373 7032
E [email protected]