John Hunter Hospital

Location: Lookout Road, NEW LAMBTON HEIGHTS NSW 2305

General hospital overview

John Hunter Hospital (JHH) is Located in Newcastle. 117km north of Sydney on the East Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

John Hunter Hospital is a combined Adult and Paediatric Level-1 Trauma Centre with 796 beds and a 16-bed trauma ward. The hospital has all the required specialist services and 15 operating rooms.

JHH is the only Major Trauma Service (Level 1 trauma centre) in NSW outside Metropolitan Sydney and it has the largest volume of severely injured patients (640 admissions with ISS >12 in 2017/18) with regularly the lowest mortality (8%) and 34% of the patients admitted to ICU. Activity includes semi-elective, acute, and hyper acute trauma surgery procedures in the operating theatre and emergency department, with all surgical specialties involved.


Professor Zsolt Balogh, Trauma Director

Trauma Post:

1 x Accredited Post

Trauma Stream

General Surgery

Opportunities on the Unit:

Attends Trauma Team activations during working hours and when on call, ensuring that the patient progresses to definitive care in an efficient timely fashion.

Obtains vast operative experience on trauma laparotomies and laparoscopies for blunt and penetrating mechanism including involvement with all general surgical and non-general surgical specialties and sub-specialties.

Implements regular orientation programs for interns, residents and registrars in basic trauma management, trauma team roles and current hospital trauma protocols.

Plans and participates in educational activities with medical, nursing and paramedical staff.

Participates in an organised teaching program with networked hospitals.

Identifies and reviews system problems in the hospital on a weekly basis with the Trauma Director, Trauma Deputy Director, and the Trauma Coordinator.

Participates in clinical research in trauma related areas, develops a good working knowledge of trauma scoring systems.

Mentored and supervised by the Trauma Director and Deputy Director, presents on national and international trauma conferences and publishes in peer-reviewed journals.

Coordinates relevant research with registrars, residents and interns acting in an advisory/mentor capacity.

The trauma service runs weekly trauma audit, journal club and research meeting.

The service is one of the most research intensive in ANZ with PhD program and the Master of Traumatology postgraduate program through the University of Newcastle.