South Australia & Northern Territory

The SA/NT Training Committee of the Australian Board in General Surgery is responsible for providing recommendations and advice to the Board on regional issues including trainee requests, selection, hospital inspections, and educational courses.

The membership and 2024 meeting dates are listed below.

South Australian/Northern Territory Training Committee


Dr Harsh Kanhere, FRACS

Deputy Chair

Dr Chrisanthi Liyanage, FRACS

Training Guide

The 2024 SA Training Guide will be available soon

2024 SA/NT Training Committee Meeting Dates and Requests Due

Meeting Date: 20 February 2024
Trainee request items due: 9 February 2024

Meeting Date: 28 May 2024
Trainee request items due: 10 May 2024*

Meeting Date: 3 September 2024
Trainee request items due: 16 August 2024

Meeting Date: 19 November 2024
Trainee request items due: 1 November 2024

*PLEASE NOTE: As per the Australian Board in General Surgery Training Regulations all requests for the following year (for interruption/extension to training, transfer etc) must be approved by 31 July by both the SA/NT Training Committee and Australian Board in General Surgery. Requests submitted after this date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Requests for medical or parental interruption will be provided with exemptions to this timeline provided appropriate documentation is submitted with the request and adhere to all relevant College Policies.

Term Dates and Assessments

2023 - Term 2

End Date: 4 February 2024

Term 1 - 2024
Term Start Date: Monday 5 February 2024
Term End Date: Tuesday 6 August 2024
Midterm Assessment due: Tuesday 7 May 2024
End of Term Assessment & Logbook due: Tuesday 6 August 2024

Term 2 – 2024
Term Start Date: Wednesday 7 August 2024
Term End Date: Sunday 2 February 2025
Midterm Assessment due: Tuesday 5 November 2024
End of Term Assessment & Logbook due: Sunday 2 February 2025

For all queries please contact

Liz Pedersen
Regional Executive Officer
E: [email protected]
T: +61 8 8274 3791